4 Reasons Why Polished Concrete Floors Are The Future Of Commercial Flooring

Do you find cleaning floors tedious? Would you like to save money on your flooring maintenance and avoid filling those pesky cracks in the concrete flooring every few years? Or fed up of having old style flooring in your offices like carpets? You should consider polished concrete flooring! Our team here at JLR Contractors in Newcastle have come up with a few reasons why we strongly believe polished concrete flooring is the way forward for any commercial property.

Let us give you 4 reasons why polished concrete flooring is the future for commercial indoor flooring, our team have been offering concrete polished flooring for a number of years and recognise the benefits, our top 4 are;

Polished Concrete Will Last

One of the biggest benefits we believe polished concrete holds for any commercial property is, that it will last a lifetime. When installed properly, polished concrete flooring is known for its incredibly long lifespan. Once installed, they are hard-wearing, unlike other commonly used flooring options, they don’t chip, dent or crack. Here at JLR Contractors, we guarantee any newly installed polished concrete floor in your commercial property will last an age. You won’t need to carry out any replacements.

Low Maintenance

We all want to have flooring options that are low maintenance, especially when it comes to commercial buildings, saving time on cleaning also saves money. By investing in polished concrete, you are giving up the need for endless scrubbing of dirty floors, sweeping and dusting. Keeping your polished floor looking spotless is straightforward. A simple waxing or buff every so often will keep your polished concrete floor looking pristine, this does solely depend on the commercial property, some floors will need cleaning more, but it is still easy going. Keeping your commercial property flooring has never been so easy.

Hard-wearing And Durable

One of the most appealing aspects of polished concrete flooring for commercial properties is how incredibly tough they are. They can stand great amounts of pressure, perfect for commercial properties that use forklift trucks, and warehouse machinery or simply have a high volume of foot traffic on a daily basis. All polished concrete flooring is finished with a stain protector and coating that helps protect the flooring from oil, water, grease and any other spillages that may occur in your industry. Coating your polished concrete flooring enables a longer-lasting surface that is more difficult to damage through day-to-day use.

Anti-slip properties

Even though polished concrete floorings look like they could be slippy, they are however anti-slip. A highly durable option for commercial properties, they are also a safety feature, even when wet, polished concrete flooring remains slip free (mostly), you can even add anti-slip properties to the polished concrete as it is poured to enhance the resistance.

By putting a stop to slips and falls in the workplace, you are actively choosing to keep your staff safe. Commercial properties need to undergo a range of health and safety checks, polished concrete will pass them all.

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The future of flooring is here. Polished concrete is the latest trend in indoor design that should be used for commercial flooring, and it has a number of benefits to offer commercial property owners, helping renovate old buildings or warehouses. We hope you enjoyed learning about these 4 reasons why polished concrete will take over as one of the most popular types of flooring materials on the market today! If you want more information about how our Newcastle-based team can help with your next project anywhere in the North East, North Yorkshire, Sunderland and Leeds give us a call at 0191 3722 719 or send us a message. We would love to talk through all your options with you and answer any questions you have!