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Do you require new polished concrete flooring? Polished concrete flooring is low maintenance and durable, it’s an excellent flooring option when it comes to commercial premises. Here at JLR we are home to a team of experienced polished concrete flooring professionals, they specialise in providing polished concrete floors for commercial and industrial businesses across the UK. At JLR Contracts we aim to ensure a quality solution for all of your existing concrete floor needs, we will also ensure a professional service every time.

When you are in need of new polished concrete floor services that are going to deliver results, look no further than our team at JLR Contracts. We are home to dedicated technicians who have years of experience when it comes to working on commercial properties, we also have an ever-growing portfolio full of satisfied customers from across the UK. Whether your project is big or small – there’s nothing too big for us here at JLR Contracts, call our polished concrete flooring specialist team today.

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Concrete Flooring Specialists

The team at JLR Contracts are more than happy to consider a range of polished concrete projects, no matter how big or small it might be. Our experts have a solid reputation for polished concrete flooring services and an extensive portfolio that helps potential customers to see exactly how we can help them. For more information on our polished concrete services, get in touch with our team today.

If you are managing commercial or industrial property and want to upgrade the flooring for improved durability, JLR Contracts offers polished concrete surfaces. The long-lasting solution is low maintenance because of its waterproof nature. For more information on our polished concrete flooring solutions, please contact JLR Contracts today.

What is a Polished Concrete Floor?

Most polished concrete floors are created using concrete and chemical densifiers, the densifiers will fill the hole and pores in the concrete. The poured concrete will then be ground down using diamond polishing tools, they will get finer until you get the sheen and smoothness that you want.

How Do I Get a Polished Concrete Floor?

Concrete is a material that can be used for many different things. Concrete floors are often polished to have an attractive surface, but the quality of this polish depends on how well-laid or prepped the concrete was prior to polishing it. Unfortunately, there isn’t always assurances given about what standard has been laid if you don’t know anything about your contractor’s process beforehand so we offer samples as part of our service. You can call our team to find out more about the polished concrete floor cost.

Polished Concrete Flooring Installations

When it comes to getting a polished concrete floor installed, it is known for being low maintenance and will help you to save time cleaning in commercial settings. When it comes to polished concrete flooring it won’t require extensive floor cleaning, keeping polished concrete flooring clean is quite simple, all it will need is a quick sweep. When it comes to keeping your commercial property floor clean it has never been so easy with polished concrete flooring, it really is a great option for flooring, call JLR Contracts today.

The Benefits of Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete floors are a popular option when it comes to commercial flooring, they are also cost efficient especially for flooring maintenance, as well as being easy on the eye and being visually appealing. Polished concrete flooring is long lasting so there’s no need to worry about having it re- installed. What’s more is concrete surfaces won’t dent, crack or chip, they also won’t need to be replaced or repaired.

As a hard wearing and durable option for flooring, polished concrete can withstand lots of pressure, another reason why it is great for commercial spaces. From high traffic areas to premises that incorporate heavy duty equipment, polished concrete flooring is long lasting and its finish includes a stain protector coating that will help to protect it from grease, water and spillages. We also recommend that you protect your concrete flooring with a coating as this will maximise its longevity.

People often think that concrete flooring is slippy, but they are actually anti-slip. Most polished concrete is slip free and will be safe, even if it gets wet, this makes concrete flooring the top choice for commercial and industrial flooring surfaces. So should you be looking to renovate your current commercial property or you need to replace the flooring at your premises, you should opt for polished concrete flooring. For more information on the benefits of concrete flooring, call the team at JLR Contractors today, we have always got you covered.

Polished Concrete Cost

There are a number of factors that come into concrete polishing, for example, the size of the area that needs polishing. For more information on how much concrete polishing costs be sure to contact the team JLR Contracts, we can offer you a FREE no-obligation quote.

At JLR Contracts we believe that an upfront quotation is more suitable when the quality and consistency of the existing concrete base are already known and customers are confident about what they want. This type of contract requires lots of information before work begins, as well as possible adjustments for unexpected problems that may come up along the way.

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Are you in need of new polished concrete flooring, simply call the team at JLR Contracts, we offer top-quality polished concrete flooring across the local area. We also pride ourselves on the excellent quality concrete floors that we install. We pride ourselves on our customer service, the excellent materials that we use as well our skilled workforce who provide the installations. These are just some of the reasons why we should be your first port of call for polished concrete flooring, get in touch with JLR Contracts today!

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There are three distinctive surface finishes: Premium, Commercial and Industrial.  Each finish has a well-defined specification for the working process and selection of grinding/polishing tools and chemicals.

Premium Finish

A decorative, high-gloss finish for exposed aggregate floors. Premium Finish is an indoor application for areas where aesthetic properties that include flatness and reflectivity of the floor are a top priority. In addition to a reflective and decorative floor, functionality, ease of cleaning and low maintenance cost are some of the many added benefits of a premium finish.

Some of the many benefits:

  • Reflective and decorative finish
  • Floor flatness
  • Extremely high quality and durability
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Exceptionally resistant to abrasion Durable concrete polishing

Commercial Finish

A medium-gloss finish for semi-exposed and low-exposed aggregate floors. An indoor application for retail areas, shop fronts and indoor public spaces. The result is a floor that is functional, easy to clean and low maintenance whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing

Some of the many benefits:

  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to wear and spills
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • Minimal lifetime cost Durable concrete polishing

Industrial Finish

A low-gloss finish customised for industrial floors. Primarily an indoor application targeting large areas such as warehouses and department stores, where flooring functionality is of primary concern. The result is a hardwearing floor that offers a safer and cleaner environment. The minimal lifetime cost, low maintenance and high durability makes the industrial Finish system of great benefit to any factory environment.

Some of the many benefits:

  • Minimal lifetime cost
  • Withstands the toughest use
  • Slip-resistant – Resistant to spills, abrasion, oils and dusting
  • Easy to clean Durable concrete polishing